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Lemon Sea Salt - Bulk salt

Lemon Sea Salt - Bulk salt

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Natural sea salt is fused with fresh lemons for this bright and sunny, citrusy blend. It is the ideal level of lemony tartness without being too bitter. Lemon Sea Salt flakes can intensify the citrus flavor of both sweet and savory dishes. Try it with seafood and chicken, in spice rubs and blends, sauces, soups, guacamole, in lemon-flavored cocktails, and in desserts and baked goods.

Ingredients: 100% natural lemon sea salt, lemon powder

Origin: United States

Size: 1-ounce bag
3-ounce bag
5-ounce bag
3-ounce glass jar

Uses: This salt is intended for culinary use including cooking, baking, direct application, and food manufacturing.

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